Antique Turkish 12×14 Wool Oriental Rug 1955


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Antique Turkish 12×14 Wool Oriental Rug 1955

Antique Turkish 12×14 Wool Oriental Rug 1955. Hand knotted wool Oriental rug.

Size: 12′ 1″ x 14′ 2″

Turkish carpets are an essential part of their culture. It represents a traditional art that dates back to pre-Islamic times. The history of its design, patterns and ornaments reflect the political and ethnic history and diversity of the area. The Turkish carpet is distinguished by characteristics of dyes and colors, designs, textures and techniques. They are tied with the ‘Turkish’ or symmetrical knot. The earliest known carpets are from the thirteenth century. They have been woven by villages, tribe settlements and nomads. They were also made for different levels of society. In their country of origin, they are highly regarded as objects of art. They are hand spun, naturally dyed and use traditional designs. Sheep and goat’s wool is the most commonly used, depending on what is available during migration. The natural dye is used from plants and minerals, and sometimes even insects. They have varied designs, the one seen here is a multi-color field decorated with floral leaf tendrils. It has a primary, blue medallion intertwined with floral tracery. The border contains palmettos on a floral and leaf scroll. These rugs represent and innovation, as in them, floral ornaments appeared in Turkish carpets for the first time. This rug employs the use of many colors including, black, blue, red, ivory, and green in several shades. It is quite unique to see a masterpiece with as much color and detail as this one.

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Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 12 × 12 in