Turkish Sarouk 10 x 23 Wool Oriental Rug 3730


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Turkish Sarouk 10 x 23 Wool Oriental Rug 3730

Turkish Sarouk 10 x 23 Wool Oriental Rug 3730. Hand knotted wool Oriental rug.

Size: 9′ 9″ x 23′ 6″

Carpet weaving is an essential part of Persian culture and art. Persian carpets are made for a variety of utilitarian and symbolic purposes. They are produced for home use, local sale and export. They stand out by the variety and elaborateness of its manifold designs. They represent tradition and reflect the history of Iran and its people. Rugs woven by the villages and various tribes of Iran are distinguished by their fine wool, bright and elaborate colors and traditional patterns. They often produce rugs with bolder and coarser designs, which are considered the most authentic and traditional rugs of Persia. Carpet weaving still plays a major part in the economy of modern Iran. Modern production is characterized by the revival of traditional dyeing with natural dyes. Also the reintroduction of traditional tribal patterns but also using modern and innovative designs along with the centuries old technique. They are made with all natural sheep’s wool. The dye is also natural, as it comes from plants, vegetables and even insects. This rug was made in Turkey with a Persian Sarouk Design. In the center it has a solid red background with a vase and floral pattern spread out. It has small detailed motifs within the border and in the center. It has the vase and flowers design with varied and vibrant colors.

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