Antique Persian Kurdish Rug 11814


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Antique Persian Kurdish Rug 11814

Antique Persian Kurdish Rug 11814. This beautiful one of a kind gallery size Antique Persian Kurdish rug has a navy background and multi color geometric designs.

Size: 6′ 10″ x 19′ 10″

Kurdish rugs are woven by Kurdish people in the Middle East, including the Eastern part of Turkey, Iraq, Soviet Armenia and North-Western Iran. When referring to Kurdish rugs within the industry, one is referring to those made within Iranian Kurdistan. Kurdish rugs and carpets use medallion patters, but a more popular design or motif is the geometric patterns. The beauty of the designs is enriched by blues, greens, saffron as well as terracotta and burnt orange hues. They are made even more vibrant by the wool that is used. Higher grades of Persian wool are often referred to as kurk or kork wool. Sometimes fibers from camels and goats are also used. The wool is spun usually by hand and sometimes mechanically to produce the yarn. It is twisted to form a different thickness of wool every time. Traditional dyes are obtained from plants and insects. For example, red comes from roots, yellow from plants, including onion and so on.  The traditional rugs use symbols which are said to read dreams, wishes and hopes of the rug maker. The Kurdish people study how meaning is constructed and understood by talking with the rug maker. The weaving process is very time consuming, depending on the quality and of course size of the rug it may take anywhere from a few months to several years to complete. The weaver need several tools, a knife to cut after the knots are tied, a comb to tighten the wefts, those are just a few examples. There is also a main border surrounded by minor or guardian borders.  The main border as we can see is filled with complex and elaborate motifs. The minor border stripes show simpler designs like meandering vines. The center design or all over design has a pattern using several medallions, that connect with floral patterns. It has a main background color of black with vibrant red colors.

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