Antique Persian Kerman Rug 14107


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Antique Persian Kerman Rug 14107

Antique Persian Kerman Rug 14107. Antique unusual Persian Kerman with navy background and multi color designs.


Size: 11′ 3″ x 15′ 10″

Persian carpets stand out by the variety and elaborateness of its manifold designs. They have been woven by nomadic tribes, workshops and by royal court manufactories alike. They represent different traditions and reflect the history of Iran and its people. Carpets woven in the sixteenth century are famous for their elaborate colors and artistic design, and are treasured in museums and private collections all over the world today. They are distinguished by their fine wool, bright and elaborate colors, and specific, traditional patterns. Nomadic and village weavers often produce bolder and coarser designs, which are considered as the most authentic and traditional rugs of Persia. The art and craft of carpet weaving has gone through periods of decline during times of political unrest. However modern production has revived the use of traditional natural dyes, tribal patterns and use modern, innovative designs with the centuries old technique. Kerman carpets are one of the traditional classifications of Persian carpets. Kerman has been a major center of production of high quality carpets since the fifteenth century. In the eighteenth century they were considered to be the finest of Persian carpets, because of the high quality wool from the region. They have a wide range of designs, a broad pallet, natural dyes and fibers, immense tensile strength and abrasion resistance and expert color combination. The design of Kerman carpets is also a distinct feature. Vase carpets, a type of Kerman rug are characterized by an allover pattern of stylized flowers and oversized palmettos with vases placed throughout the field. In this rug we see a main and quarrian border that goes all around. The main border is a bright red with a chained floral pattern. The guardian border has a light green base with a smaller, floral pattern. The center has a black background several floral patterns throughout the rug with a centered floral medallion. In the corners, it also has a flower pattern with pink, and pale blue. It is an excellent combination between traditional and contemporary.


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Dimensions 46 × 13 × 13 in