Antique Indian Agra 11×17 Wool Oriental Rug 7383


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Antique Indian Agra 11×17 Wool Oriental Rug 7383

Antique Indian Agra 11×17 Wool Oriental Rug 7383. Hand knotted wool Oriental rug. Blue background.

Size: 10′ 10″ x 16′ 09″

This antique rug has some repairs. Ask for details before buying.

Oriental Rugs are made in an area referred to as the ‘Rug Belt’, which includes several oriental countries. People from different cultures, countries, racial groups and religious faiths are involved in the production of these rugs. The rugs are woven by hand on a loom, with warps, wefts and pile made in natural fibers like wool. Mainly, wool from sheep and goats is used, occasionally also from camels. Of course its characteristics and quality vary from each area to the next, depending on the breed of sheep, climatic conditions, pasturage and customs as to when and how wool is shorn and processed. The fibers are then spun either by hand or on a spinning wheel to produce the yarn. This is called the twist. The colors on the rug are all natural. It begins with the yarn being immersed in a mordant. Then the dye is added to the yarn and it remains there for a defined time. Then the yarn is left to dry in the air and sunlight. These traditional dyes are obtained from plants and insects. For example, red could come from roots, while yellow, from onions. This rug has a rectilinear pattern, as it tends to be bolder and more angular instead of floral. This design is associated with nomadic or village weaving. Depending on the detail of each rug, it could take a weaver anywhere from months to years to complete a single rug. This makes it a one of a kind masterpiece. It is a perfectly vintage work of art with a very contemporary style.

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