12 Feet Round Persian Design Rug 13746


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12 Feet Round Persian Design Rug 13746

12 Feet Round Persian Design Rug 13746. Hand knotted wool area rug with red-burgundy background, black border and all over multi color designs. Handmade in India.

Size: 12′ round

Persian carpets are in many ways the definition of Persian culture and art. They are unique because of their variety and complex designs. They are woven by all types of people, including tribes, nomads, and in villages. Their beautiful designs are often passed down from one generation to another. Thus, they represent years of tradition and they reflect the history of its various people. Their patterns and designs have set an artistic tradition that has been kept alive since the duration of the Persian Empire. They are also unique for their fine materials, earth toned colors, and floral patterns. This rug has a deep red background with multi colored, tan and brown floral designs. It shows an elaborate, curvilinear design, with spirals and tendrils. It also has a large border with solid black and a tan and red floral design that combines well with the overall design. In the two smaller borders there is also a similar pattern to show a harmony thought the entire rug. On the edge of the rug there is a solid red border with beautiful ivory fringes. The pile of this rug is made of sheep’s wool with a cotton warps or weft. This makes the rug long lasting and very durable. The dyes are also natural as they come from plants and even insects. That is why the colors are so varied as each weaver prepares the dye for their rug. This is what makes Persian rugs so distinctive.

This one is an excellent reproduction of a Persian Design rug. Hand Knotted Wool (no natural dyes) in India.

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Weight 98 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 18 × 18 in