Persian Mashad 10 x 16 Oriental Rug 4970


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Persian Mashad 10 x 16 Oriental Rug 4970

Persian Mashad 10 x 16 Oriental Rug 4970. Hand knotted wool Oriental rug.

Size: 10′ 4″ x 16′ 4″

Mashhad is one of the oldest centers of carpet weaving and has been famous for the making of Persian carpets. They often make large rugs and are also sold under the name Meshed. This city is also famous for producing some of the best wool in Iran. The rugs have very fine quality and are among the best looking carpets in the world. Dark red, blue and khaki are some of the most commonly used colors in Mashhad carpets. This rug has a typical scarlet red color as the background in the main field. It has an all over floral design. It has blues, white and green flower and leaf tendrils. It also has a trademark design, the borders. It has a main border of black with a similar leaf and flower curvilinear pattern. It has a medium border in green with small multi colored flowers. It has two even smaller borders of ivory with a green zig zag pattern with small details of pink. The main field of the rug employs the all over design. This basically shows the pattern cutting off at the end of the field. This created the impression that the pattern continues beyond the borders of the rug. As we see here Persian rugs are filled with redundant, interwoven ornaments, in forms of complex spirals and tendrils in a manner also called infinite repeat.

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Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 67 × 15 × 15 in