Persian Kerman 11 x 14 Rug 14176


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Persian Kerman 11 x 14 Rug 14176

Persian Kerman 11 x 14 Rug 14176. Vintage hand knotted wool Persian Kerman rug.

Size: 11′ 2″ x 14′ 6″

Kerman carpets are one of the traditional classifications of Persian carpets. They are named after both a city and province in south central Iran. It has been a major center of production of high quality carpets since the fifteenth century. Kerman carpets are celebrated as being among the best. They are prized by collectors for their wide range of designs, the use of natural dyes and fibers, immense tensile strength and resistance, and expert color combinations. They are woven by nomadic tribes and royal court manufactories alike. They represent different lines of traditions and reflect the history of Iran and its varied peoples. Carpets woven by villages and tribes of Iran are distinguished by their fine wool, bright and elaborate colors and traditional patterns. They often produce rugs with a bolder and coarser design, which is considered the most authentic. The design pattern of Kerman carpets is also a very distinct feature. Vase carpets, a type of rug distinctive of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, are characterized by an allover pattern of flowers and vases placed throughout the field. It is important to know however, that there is no one design that is more popular than any other. Because of the high demand for the rugs, a variety of styles and designs were produced. Some have different patterns throughout, while others had linked designs that showed to have no beginning or end. The rug often has, as we see here, a main border surrounded by guardian borders. The main border is filled with a complex and elaborate design. The minor border shows simpler designs like meandering vines. We see in its main field it has a redundant, interwoven ornament design, in a manner called infinite repeat. It is composed of blues, greens and pinks, along with an ivory background. Its tiny work in detail makes it a true masterpiece.


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