Antique Persian Kerman 11 x 17 Rug 14250


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Antique Persian Kerman 11 x 17 Rug 14250

Antique Persian Kerman 11 x 17 Rug 14250. Antique hand knotted wool Persian Kerman rug with unusual “Four season” and “Tree of life” designs

Size: 11′ 3″ x 17′ 6″

Kerman carpets are one of the traditional classifications of Persian carpets. They are named after both a city and a province located in south central Iran. Kerman has been a major city for production of high quality carpets since the 15th century. In the world of antique Persian carpets are celebrated as being among the best. They have wide range of designs, a broad pallet, utilization of natural dyes and fibers, immense tensile strength and abrasion resistance, and expert color combinations. Colors in Kerman products are woven in gentle and light colors like amber, pink, milky and blue-gray. The design pattern of the carpets is also a distinct feature. Vase carpets, are characterized by an allover pattern of stylized flowers and oversized palmettos with vases placed throughout the field. This requires the artist to create the design, for weavers to execute the, on the loom and an efficient way to communicate the artist’s ideas to the weaver. The pile of the rug is made of sheep’s wool. Of course, its characteristics and quality vary from each area to the next, depending on the breed of sheep, climatic conditions, pasturage and the customs as to when and how the wool is prepared. The dyeing process begins with the wool being immersed in a mordant. The yarn then remains in the dyeing solution for a defined time. Then it is left to dry in the air and sunlight. The dyes are obtained from plants, vegetables and even insects. For example, red often comes from roots, and yellow from onions. In this particular rug we see the traditional colors, reds, browns, some pinks and even orange. It has a main border that goes all around the rug, with two small guardian borders on each side. In the center it has six rectangles, with four small rectangles within each one. They each have a striped tribal pattern, each is unique. It makes an excellent vintage item as a collector’s piece or as an addition to your home.


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